Welcome to the South Puget Sound Regional Contest

Important Dates & Times

South Puget Sound Regional History Day

Coordinators: Jim Sawatzki and Joshua Murphy

Registration due, papers due, and websites locked: Friday, February 22.

Event Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019
Event Location: 
Green River Community College, Auburn, WA
Counties Included: King County south of Interstate 90 to the county border, Pierce, Thurston

Congratulations South Puget Sound History Day contestant!

Through your hard work and dedication, you have demonstrated a drive and a passion for your topic. You have not only completed a National History Day project, but you have gone above and beyond and shined against your competition. Now begins the process of competing at the South Puget Sound Regional History Competition.


  • Students will register individually in the contest and will be prompted as to whether they are individuals or part of a team.
  • All Historical Papers need to be converted to PDF format and uploaded to their registration. 
  • $10 per student entry fee is required for this year’s Regional History Day. Check with your teacher for more information on how this is being collected. If you register, even if you drop out of competition, a fee is required, so plan accordingly.
  • The Weebly computer lock operates on East Coast time, so website and registration locks will occur at 9 PM Pacific Standard Time.


South Puget Sound Regional History Day

Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Green River Community College


Jim Sawatzki – Communication and Contest Management

2917 N. 22nd, Tacoma, WA  98406

Cell: 253-756-5785   School: 253-683-7102


Joshua Murphy – Billing and Other Stuff

Kent Mountain View Academy


Cell: 206-473-7043  School: 253-373-7488


Welcome History Day Teachers:

The 2019 South Puget Sound Regional will be held Thursday, March 28, 2019 at Green River Community College.   Registration deadline is Friday, Feb. 22, 2019.   Websites will be “locked” for the contest at 8:59 PM, Friday, Feb. 22th.  Historical Papers are to be saved in PDF format, and “uploaded” by the student, prior to the registration deadline.  Judging of all exhibits, documentaries and performances will begin at 9 AM on March 28.   Whether there will be a “finals” round in these categories depends on the number of entries registered. Registration will open by the end of this week.  We just need to iron out a couple more contest details and finish updating the registration interface.

Remember that all websites must be created within National History Day’s “Weebly” web creation system.  This means that all student websites must begin by visiting NHD.org and construct each entry within “Weebly’s” closed, intra-web system.  This is so web sites can be viewed and judged uniformly and so they may advance through the state and national contests.   All category rules and directions are available for free download from NHD.org.

The 2019 regional contest introduces a new, reduced entry fee - $10 dollars per student.  Starting this year, OSPI runs Washington History Day, and they do not charge a percentage of student entry fees – as had WSHS - for regionals to conduct a contest. 

However, regional per school entry limits remain in place.  This is due to the need to review an ever-growing number of entries, from an ever-growing number of participating schools.  Please consult the list below.  All schools are encouraged to have a building or district-based public display or competition, which may be used to identify projects worthy of regional competition. 

The school-building based entry limitations to the South Puget Sound Regional are:

  • Historical Papers- 5
  • Individual Exhibits- 12
  • Group Exhibits- 12
  • Individual Performance- 5
  • Group Performance- 5
  • Individual Documentaries- 5
  • Group Documentaries- 5  
  • Individual Website- 5
  • Group Website- 5

Be aware!!! Our GRCC contest is the last regional contest of the year. Our advancing projects will only have a few days to incorporate judging feedback and resubmit their entries to the state contest.  Positive spin: our students have longer to work on the FIRST INCARNATION of their project than any other region in the state.  Make sure they make the most of the time.

Our regional contest will run as in recent years, with all exhibits in the Gym, rooms for Documentaries and Performances, and Historical Papers and Web seminars. Award ceremony will be in the student center cafeteria, and the kitchen will be open for students to purchase food.  Contest registration will use the same software as last year – which has been upgraded a bit.

For Websites again this year we will provide Socratic Seminars – one for each of the Website competition categories – similar to the ones we hold for the Historical Paper Entry category.  We believe this adds meaning to the competition day experience and allows students to share and explore the historical significance of their project research as well as discuss what they learned.  As with Historical Papers, Websites are ranked in advance of the contest, so the seminar is for educational enrichment.

Websites have quickly become the second largest entry category, at our competition.  We need two, experienced high school and two experienced middle school teachers – who are comfortable leading seminar discussions – to volunteer as “Lead Judges” for the Website categories.  As Lead Judges, they will work with two other judges to preview and rank the website entries in the category assigned.  Then the Lead Judge will direct a seminar discussion including all the students who participated in that category.  Please contact me immediately with names of certificated teachers volunteering for Website Lead Judging.

Please find attached a copy of the current NHD Rulebook and a PDF form highlight the key rule changes from the old rulebook.

All title pages for every category will now include a word count for the entry.  This is an attempt to get students to be proactive in self-monitoring their compliance with traditional rules. 

Websites have two rule updates.  All quotes and visuals must be credited inside the website in the same manner as are exhibits – on the page and in the bibliography.  Also, student may embed a grand total of four minutes of multimedia into their website, divided into any increments they believe appropriate.

Finally, NHD has ruled nationally – and I believe appropriately – that no project members may be added or replaced after the first contest.  Coaches should have “heart to heart” conversations with any two-person teams, to assure each are equally committed to pursue History Day through regionals, past state and on toward national competition.  If one partner should bail, a two-person project would be disqualified from the next level.  Teams of three to five will hopefully survive a single deserter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  Keep up the excellent work with your students.  History Day graduates always praise the program.  They are all justifiably proud of their accomplishments.

Jim Sawatzki

Cell: 253-756-5785

Hello all,

Thank you for supporting National History Day. Judging represents the capstone of the National History Day program. Many young people have engaged in months of research and preparation, and they are anxiously awaiting your evaluations. We very much appreciate you volunteering your time and energy.



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